Our motivation came in 2006 when founder John Ortiz hosted a charity event for a friend. He discovered a natural knack for events and entertainment and had so much fun doing it he decided to make it his career passion.

At NOJON Entertainment our main focus is delivering quality service for our clients. We have constantly reinvented our business to keep pace with our client needs, with the goal of providing innovative, high-quality services, backed by powerful, highly respected equipment

As a result of having held Australia's most anticipated annual hip hop dance competition, staged some of the worlds biggest YouTube acts and have alongside partnered or promoted for international acts, we pride on having some of Australia's best undiscovered DJ's, Acoustic Singers, Bands, Dance Crews readily available for your event and just in case we forgot to mention we happen to provide sound and lighting too!

By selecting NOJON Entertainment you have selected a team that is dedicated to delivering exceptional Events, Talent Sound and Lighting services not to mention we're super easy to work with, just as long as you never say "No, John".

Um. John, what does NOJON mean?

the MYTH - Apparently I named the company after suggestions that I had experienced a serious of rejections in my life time, "No! John", that dealing with it was to run a business that will do the opposite. 

the TRUTH - Is that the name John is so unique that you possibly wont find anyone with the same name anywhere else in this universe, it was clear then that the business also required a unique name not found anywhere else in this universe. So by dropping the "H" from the correct spelling of John it actually reads "Jon Jon" when read from the middle and starting from 'J' and then from left to right, it reads NOJON. If you dare to still continue reading my nonsense, just to excite you with a brief English lesson, did you know the word NOJON then becomes a Palindrome - words that are in the same order when read forwards and backwards, boom!

The SHORT Story - At the time, I thought it was cool #livewithit.


2004 - Reach out Charity Event | 2005 - Reach Charity Event.  October NOJON was born amazingly cute | 2006 August - The inaugural year of Looze Control hip hop dance competition | 2007 July - The inaugural event of Soul Good | 2013 - Provided Sound Lighting and Talent Hire | 2014 - Re-branded with a new logo and website.

the TEAM


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